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Giving You a Lift in Gary, Indiana

Do you have a business that uses machines with hydraulic parts? There’s only one choice when it comes to selecting a company to maintain and repair those machines. Miller Hydraulic Service has been a leading force in hydraulic repair and maintenance since 1996.

Offering professional service and competitive prices, our team of highly skilled technicians will expertly repair your components in as quick a turnaround time as possible – often within 24 hours. This is made possible by our huge inventory of stock, enabling us to tackle anything from a faulty hydraulic pump to a broken hydraulic cylinder. We also make hydraulic hoses – while you wait! This prompt service time reduces the length of time your machines lie idle, thus lessening the financial impact of your repairs. 

Service is Our Strength

For peace of mind, in addition to repairs to all kinds of hydraulic components, we can also offer businesses in Gary, Indiana, the following services:
  • Fabrication and welding of pistons rods, barrels, shafts, glands, bushing and pins.
  • Guaranteed quality – we field-test all our repairs to make sure they have been carried out properly before your parts are returned to you. 
  • 24/7 emergency repairs – your machines don’t understand weekends and after hours. Call us at any time if you have an urgent hydraulic breakdown.
  • Truck fleet maintenance and repair – carried out in our state of the art servicing facility.

Let Us Show You How

If your business is in Gary, Indiana, talk to us about how we can help keep things running smoothly. Call 815-468-7745 today.
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